One-step finishers and polishers for composites and enamel

These one-step silicone polishers impregnated with alumina allow you to perfectly finish and polish all types of composite restorations, simply by varying the contact pressure step by step from finishing to polishing. The OneGloss M instruments, with heads mounted on stainless-steel contra-angle shanks, are sterilisable. The unmounted OneGloss instruments and the OneGloss PS instruments, with heads mounted on sturdy plastic mandrels, are disposable.

By simply altering the contact pressure, you can go from finishing to polishing with only one instrument:

  • Finishing with heavy contact pressure (approx. 1 N)
  • Polishing with feather light contact pressure (approx. 0.3 N)
  • Removal of excess cement and polishing of enamel with moderate to light contact pressure
  • Polishing of enamel and removal of tooth discolouration with feather light contact pressure

Chairside: The instruments are suited for finishing and polishing of all composite restorations and tooth enamel in one step, for the removal of excess cement without marring delicate inlays as well as for the removal of surface stains and for polishing of tooth enamel after professional cleaning.


  • Silicone polishers with alumina
  • Optimal ratio between speed and contact pressure
  • No need to change instruments
  • No polishing paste is necessary
  • Optimal abrasive performance
  • Low vibration action


  • Use intermittend water spray when applying heavy pressure or polishing enamel.
  • OneGloss M polishers are sterilisable.
  • OneGloss and OneGloss PS polishers are disposable.


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