Light-curing paste stains


The light-curing paste stains are fluorescent, can be applied almost as thin as porcelain and cure fully after short curing time due to newly developed multifunctional monomers and photo initiators.



Lite Art stains adapt perfectly during the application of internal colour modifications in resins, composites, artificial teeth or hybrid ceramics. Simply by covering the polymerised stains with an incisal or translucent composite layer, fine and very specific natural internal accents will be achieved.





  • Characterisation of ceramic reinforced and conventional composites as well as hybrid ceramics: crowns / bridges, veneers, inlays / onlays
  • Colour adaptation of artificial teeth: composite teeth, acrylic teeth
  • Individualisation of denture bases: partial dentures, gingiva coloured composite of telescopic and implant works, full dentures
  • Harmonisation of temporary frameworks and tooth coloured acrylics: PMMA frameworks, long-term temporaries




  • Microfine particle structure
  • Homogeneous consistency
  • Extraordinary covering properties with thin layers
  • Highly fluorescent
  • Economical use by thin tip of cannula


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Lite Art Violet 1ml

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